The Botany Department was established in the year 1937 when the Madras Christian College shifted from George Town, Madras, now called as Chennai.  Prof. M.S. Sabesam was the first head of the department with one lecturer and one tutor.  After functioning from the main building for 46 years. the departmemt was shifted in 1983 to a newly built two storied building, complete with all facilities, constructed with funds from EZE. E.V.Bonn. West Germany The following is the list of Professors headed this department
Prof. M.Sabesan, Dr. K.R.Venkata Subban, Prof. Damodaran Thampan, Dr.S.Crispin Devadas, Dr. D.E.P.Jeyasingh, Dr. P.Dayanandan, Dr. C.Livingstone, Prof. P.Joel Christopher, Prof. H.K.P.Devadoss, Dr. M. Baluswami and Dr.D.Narasimhan
Botany Society was started in the year 1963 and the PG seminar club in 1961.
The following are the highlights of the department.

The department offers UG and PG in Plant Biology and Plant Biotechnology, M.Phil. and Ph.D. in Botany.

The following are the highlights of the department.

  Department has received funds from DBT under STAR COLLEGES IN LIFE SCIENCES with three more departmes -Zoology, Chemistry and Physics.

          The following equipments/instruments were acquired through this scheme and are available for students and research scholars from 2010 onwards:  Some of the important equipments acquired through this scheme

          include: High speed, refrigerated centrifuge, High sensitive electronic balance and visible spectrophotometer, Reverse Osmosis plant and a deep freezer. The department has also set up an algal culture chamber with a specially designed light and temperature  controlled algal rack

Department has received funds from DST under FIST program in 2013 with two more departments-Maths and Physics: The Department is equipped with the following instruments through DST-FIST which are being used by students from 2014-2015 onwards:

          Leica Fluorescence Microscope DM2000

          Mastercycler Nexus SX1

          Lab India UV 3000 Double beam Spectrometer

          Monocular Student Microscope with electric illumination, mechanical stage and Oil immersion lens for all classes

          Electronic weighing balance with 0.1 mg accuracy

          BOD incubator, Multiparameter, Dissolved Oxygen meter, Vertical, 2 KW digital controlled Autoclave, Liquid nitrogen

          storage container, Rotary vaccum evaporator and Laminar Air Flow and glassware including microslides of 1 mm and1.2 mm thick and 0 number cover glasses.

To be continued......

Madras Christian College

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