(for students strictly with merits)

1. Special Prize  I B.Sc.v/va   Rs.300

2. Gloriosa Gold Medal  I B.Sc.v/va  Rs. 500

3. Special Prize  II B.Sc. v/va  Rs. 500

4. Gamble Gold Medal II B.Sc. v/va Rs. 500

5. Edward Barnes Gold Medal III B.Sc.v/va  

     Rs. 500

6. Boyd Prize  III B.Sc. v/va  Rs. 500

7. Capparis Gold Medal  III B.Sc. v/va  Rs. 500

8. Dr.K.A.K.A. Ganesan Prize  I M.Sc. v/va  Rs.


8. Mendal Gold Medal  I M.Sc. v/va  Rs. 500

10. Dr.K.A.K.A. Ganesan Prize  II M.Sc. v/va

    Rs. 500

11. Dr. K.R.Venkatasubban Gold Medal II

    M.Sc.v/va Rs. 500

12. Prof. P.Joel Christopher Gold Medal

      II M.Sc.v/va

  • (Prof.PJC Gold Medal was Instituted by Dr. Manimekalai Ravichandran,  in the year 2016. To be awarded from the academic year 2017-2018, to a post graduate student of the department who secures the highest marks in Environmental Science/Environmental Biology [Both Theory and Practical put together])


(Recommended for students from poor background scoring  top ranking in the semesters completed)

1. Caithness General Fund Scholarship:

  • I B.Sc.v/va Rs. 500/-
  • II B.Sc.v/va  Rs. 500/-
  • III B.Sc. v/va  Rs. 500/-
  • I M.Sc. v/va  Rs. 750/-
  • II M.Sc. v/va  Rs. 750/-

2. S.K.R. Scholarship:  III B.Sc. v/va


created by Dr.M.Baluswami

will be functioning from the academic year 2017-2018

Prof. C. Crispin Devadas                              HoD, Botany Department 1971-1991

Professor Crispin Devadas was born on June 11, 1932 in Neyoor, Nagercoil. He was the yeldest of three children to Rev. and Mrs. Das. Mr. Das was a Pastor in the local church. He studied in the school at Neyoor. He graduated from the Univedrsity of Trivandrum securing the University Ist rank and Gold Medal. He moved to MCC to do his Post Graduate course in Botany and started teaching in the year 1958, immediately after completing his post graduation. He went to Michigan as a Hazel Foundation Scholar and studied Botany, Plant Anatomy and Paleobotany to receive his Masters Degree again in 1965. He then did his Ph.D. in Plant Anatomy under the guidance of Prof. Charles Beck at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and was awarded Ph.D. in Plant Anatomy in 1971. He came back to MCC in the year 1971. Prof. CD was very strict and practiced a unique way of conducting practical classes. He expected students to use practical classes effectively and make anatomy drawings perfectly. The practical records of Prof. C.D. are still available in the Botany Department and students and teachers are still wondering how such print like pencil drawings were drawn by Prof.C.D. during his student days. Professor C.D. was a man of few words but a great delegator and a true administrator. He used to assign work to young faculty members and always insisted perfection. He insisted the typing work, etc. to be done only during the free hours. He has always encouraged field based research as well as lab based research. be continued........ 

Courtesy: Dr.Ponsamuel Jeyakumar


Prizes/Awards 2012-2013                               Scholarships 2014-2015

Candidates received the prizes at the 38th Graduation day of the Aided Stream on 14th September, 2017 (2015-2016 Batch)

Prizes and Awards

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