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Field trip to Mandapam region and Kodaikanal - I M.Sc. 2004-05
Resting before starting for marine algae collection at
Eating Vadai and tea at Pudumadam Eating Vadai and tea at Pudumadam Collecting algae at Pudumadam beach
Collecting algae at Pudumadam beach A little play during algal collection
A view of Beach at Pudumadam
Resting after collection on the shore Learning to make marine algal
herbarium at TTDC-Mandapam
Just before evening walk On Pamban bridge
A boat ride at Sangu Mal-Rameswaram Hand full of Caulerpa taxifolia Padina sp. 'Star'fish collecter
Starfish on shoulders On Pamban bridge At CMFRI campus CMFRI Museum
Posing with Dr.N.Kaliaperumal
Scientist-in-charge CMFRI
Dr.K.Eswaran, Scientist, MARS-CSMCRI  In side Rameswaram Temple In side Rameswaram Temple
At Chettiar park At Fernarium-Shenbaganur, Kodaikanal At Fernarium-Shenbaganur, Kodaikanal At Bryan park Kodaikanal
Under Bodhi tree-Bryan park At Pillar rock-kodaikanal At Briyan Park At Bryan Park
Anthoceros on the way to Silver Cascade at Kodai kanal At Chettiar Park

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