Botany Society in  the department was started in 1962 when Prof.K.R.Venkatasubban was functioning as Head. All the students of both ug and pg and faculty are the members of the botany society. It is administered with the Head of the Department as the President,  a secretary and a treasurer from III B.Sc. class elected by all the members. The Society will organize a freshers' trip during the begiing of the academic year in which most of the students of all classess and staff will take part.  This usually helps a sort of introduction among newly admitted students and their seniors. The society will periodically organize lectures  which include inaugration of the society in the begning of the academic year and a valedictory function during the closing of the academic year.
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Botany Society was inaugrated on 17th July 2007.  Prof. P.Joel Christopher, President and Head of the Department presided over the inaugural function. Prof. N.Anand D.Sc., Director, Centre for Advanced Studies in Botany inaugurated the botany society and gave a talk on 'Biotechnological potential of micro algae'.

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