The botany club was started in the academic year 1960-61 when the masters degree was introduced by the first and second batch of the post graduate students under the leadership of the then head of the  department Dr.K.R.Venkata Subban with an yearly subscription of rupees five.

     The botany club was a platform that would encourage students to boldly face the audience, eliminate stage fear and fear of staff and a zeal to learn beyond horizons.  Thus the botany club came in to existence by the great visionary of Dr.K.R.Venkata Subban.

     This presentation forum invoked a very good and healthy competitive attitude amidst the students.  It was a prestigious forum those days as only three colleges Pachaiyappa's college, Presidency college and Madras Christian college along  with the University of Madras had PG course in botany.   It enkindled the habit of journal references and using library to extgract inbformation.  It was a lively podium for the many who have once walked over it.  It was an egoistic affair too. Under the inspiration of Dr. Venkata Subban the post graduate students were encouraged to work in the labs even after class hours.

     Forty nine glorious years have gone in the long run of the club.  It has been unique in maintaining the continuity uninterrupted at any time all these years. It is sustained by the effective guidance and support of the successive heads and  staff  who  function as presidents in rotation.

     For many of  our former students it will be nostalgic, happy memories, the nervousness, the pride and finally the satisfaction.  This club though started as an informal presentation forum has paved way for many students to serve in many parts of the world.

     As customary every M.Sc. student in final year will present a seminar during the academic year on  Fridays at 2 pm. The seminar will be followed by an interactive session by the students, staff and research scholars.  Guest speakers will also be invited to share their expertise which will be beneficial to students and staff.

      2010-2011 - 50th year of the pg seminar club.   

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